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YouTube Audience Targeting: 5 Ways to Improve YouTube Ads

YouTube is the second most popular search engine, with Google being the first. What does this mean? It means that YouTube has a massive audience, and you can grab a significant portion of the audience through YouTube Ads.

Can An Audience Be Targeted?

Yes, an audience can be targeted. Most of the Ads you see on YouTube target you. Have you ever searched for a product on Google and then gone on to YouTube only to find that same thing in an Ad before an unrelated video?

That is no coincidence. You were targeted, or a demographic you fall into was targeted.

Are YouTube Ads That Important?

What’s the point in having a product or service that is never seen when there is a platform like YouTube? YouTube can assist you in reaching the right audience.

How Does YouTube Ads Target An Audience?

When signing up on YouTube, you put in some information like your age, gender, language, and others. Also, Google gathers information about you based on the searches you make, and Google also makes guesses about you based on your searches.

This data is pulled together by YouTube and made available for you to use and target a particular demographic of the audience.

“But I have been running YouTube Ads for some time now, and I am not getting any results.”  — Paul

You are probably not doing it right.

How can you improve YouTube Ads audience targeting

YouTube Ads Targeting With TrueView:

Youtube video service on laptop screen close-up. Youtube service menu
Youtube video service on laptop screen close-up. Youtube service menu

TrueView advertising is the most common kind of video adverts on YouTube. According to research, 76% of viewers regularly skip Ads. TrueView advertisements must last between 12 seconds and 6 minutes to be accepted by YouTube.

Before a YouTube user sees the video they’ve chosen, TrueView in-stream advertisements begin to play. With TrueView advertisements, you’ll only be paid if visitors see the entire ad, at least 30 seconds, or engage with it in some way. Because of this, TrueView advertising is an excellent, low-risk way to pinpoint your target audience.

TrueView advertising is helping many companies thrive. Brands that employ TrueView advertisements may observe astounding increases in the number of times existing content is viewed. For instance, TrueView advertising accounts for almost 54% of Grammarly’s social media traffic.

Audience Targeting Using Demographic:

Analytic of YouTube video on smartphone screen close-up view
Analytic of youtube video on smartphone screen close-up view

With YouTube targeting, you have many options, and you have a lot of control over how and where your ads are shown and who sees them. It’s critical for advertisers to use this method as the first phase of their YouTube marketing campaign, even though you can also use it with other strategies like your TrueView in-stream videos or non-skippable advertising.

For YouTube advertising, typical demographics include:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Parental Status
  • Location
  • Household Income.

Audience Targeting Based On Searches:

You don’t want to place your advertising on any user’s screen randomly. Maybe that’s what you’ve been doing, so you don’t have results.

When creating mass advertisements, it could be even harder to grab the attention of your target market if your company works in a niche market.

The good news is that search-based video ad targeting allows you to carefully position your adverts on videos by looking at a user’s YouTube search history. Your business can gain a new perspective on your target audience when you understand what they search for on YouTube. That may provide you with a competitive advantage.

Audience Targeting Based On Interest:

You can use Google’s data to connect people shopping in specific categories or reach (or exclude) consumers with diverse interests.

These targeting indicators can be added at the ad group level or saved to audiences in Audience Manager. Open the Interests & comprehensive demographics targeting menu to locate life events, affinity, and in-market groupings. Go to Custom segments to build your interest-based targeting strategy.

Customer match targeting for GoogleAds:

Creating google ad campaign main page close up view on laptop screen
Creating google ad campaign main page close-up view on laptop screen

Google offers organizations Customer Match, which enables them to engage with their clients. This approach is dependent on the information that clients have provided.

Once you have this information, Customer Match will target your adverts to the clients you have identified and future clients who share your interests. Customer Match on YouTube helps increase brand exposure by focusing on users similar to your chosen target market.

You must first create a list of your client’s contact information. Then, you’ll need to design or modify an advertising campaign using the client data. Users you have identified will be able to see your advertising once they log into their Google accounts. These clients can view your video advertising whether they are browsing the web, using Gmail, or watching YouTube.


With these steps, your audience will keep bumping into your Ads whenever they get on YouTube… which means more conversions for you. Need some help getting started? ConvertiX is at your service!

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ConvertiX is a digital advertising company that provides its customers with professional solutions. We are experts on all things in the realm of digital marketing and produce results that will make your investment worthwhile.

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