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Three new Facebook updates you don’t want to miss!

Want to know what’s new in Facebook marketing? Here are three great updates you don’t want to miss:

Augmented Reality Ads

Ever fallen in love with a product online but hesitated to buy it before trying it on first? Well, Facebook’s new augmented reality feature is right up your alley.

Though it is in its beginning stages, Facebook has debuted an ad type that allows users to “try on” certain items being advertised, such as Michael Kors sunglasses. When a user Taps the image, they will be able to both see how the item would look on them, as well as have direct access to the product page where they can purchase it.

While at first glance an AR ad may seem like a regular ad, this immersive, interactive, and fun shopping experience enables users to visualize the product either on themselves (clothing) or in their visual space (furniture). By allowing users to interact with a product online in a way that we usually need to go to a physical store to do, brands can shorten the path from product discovery to instant purchase.

Subscription Groups

Facebook has recently been experimenting with the idea of paid subscription groups. These groups, centered around admins that create the content and invite members to join, grant members access to exclusive content for a monthly fee. These subscription groups would operate in a similar way to Patreon.

Though the concept still needs careful testing, Facebook admins claim that the project’s mission is not to make money, but to really in these communities and produce higher quality content for them. However, there are obvious risks involved, such as the very real possibility that loyal customers will be upset and maybe even lost if they suddenly start getting charged for group membership.

Info & Ads Feature

Facebook has responded to criticism of its data protection by launching the “Info & Ads” feature on all pages. The aim of the new feature is to increase transparency. With the feature, users viewing the company’s page can see all of the ads it is currently running, even if they haven’t “Liked” the page or are not within the target audience.

This feature has some pretty big implications. For example, brands can use it to research competitors and fine-tune their own campaigns. However, the information provided is limited; while you can view any current campaigns, history of past campaigns is still disclosed from view.

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