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Google Ads

Google Ads

If a customer searches for you on Google and doesn’t find you on the front page, you may as well not exist. But you know who does? Your competitors. The solution: Google Adwords, now known as "Google Ads".

Google Ads works like a charm - if you know how to really use it. To see results, you must understand: What are people looking for? Which phrases to use and which to avoid? Who to target and when? And most importantly: how much will it cost?

We will ask the questions, find the answers, and apply them effectively. Meet with us for an hour and we will figure out how to get you onto the first page on Google, at optimal cost. So - how do you like your coffee?

Google GDN Promotion

Google GDN Promotion

GDN - Google Display Network - enables advertising on millions of sites to reach huge numbers of users by offering options to select destinations, advanced analytics, marketing, and distribution and optimization throughout the life of the campaign.

How? The many sites within the Google advertising network receive revenue when your ads appear on their pages, while you enjoy getting targeted, quality, and cost-effective exposure. Symbiosis.

Maximize your options and earn more quality customers with GDN.

Facebook Promotion

Facebook Promotion

More than a billion people read, write, share, and respond on the world's largest social network daily. But, the numbers are only a fraction of the benefits that Facebook offers for businesses, whether large or small.

Facebook’s most significant advantage for businesses the direct and personal ability it gives users to share what they think, feel, and intend to do.

With Facebook advertising, small businesses can reach large audiences and target them effectively.

Customers are exposed to your messages, can navigate to your site, call directly from your ad, comment, share with friends, and more. User movements are recorded and analyzed so that you can refine messages, update suggestions, respond, and learn more about your customers. Start your Facebook advertising journey with us and start seeing results tomorrow.

LinkedIn Promotion

LinkedIn Promotion

LinkedIn is one of the oldest, largest, and most professional social networks online. Like other social networks, Linkedin promotes content through a campaign management system.

With Linkedin's promotion system, you can choose whether to create ads, sponsored content, or messages. You can segment your target audience, set a budget, and monitor it. But, why stress? Leave it to us.

YouTube Promotion

YouTube Promotion

In the 21st century, YouTube is where people consume content. Google's video channel offers endless ads, gossip, music, cat videos, tutorials, and all kinds of randomness.

Connect your brand to the most relevant content, whether it be news, music, the latest dance craze, or whatever is trending.

Promotion in Tabula and Outbrain

Promotion in Tabula and Outbrain

These two Israeli tech giants conduct advertising through targeted content offerings and recommendations for informative content that promotes a brand. This approach is seen as more "objective" in the eyes of web users, and is very effective.

These companies present your content alongside articles in the same or similar fields. Your advertising is presented to readers as recommendations for further reading or as popular, interesting content.

Promoting with Outbrain and Tabula yields quality content and contact with quality audiences. And we know exactly how to use it to your advantage.

The facts speak for themselves

Data aggregation and optimization in Facebook's advertising system

Research about advertising on the Google Display Network

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    What are Tabula and Outbrain?

    Outbrain and Tabula are Israeli tech companies with a unique content advertising platform. Their platform reaches target audiences via articles that appear alongside journalistic content.

    This distributes your marketing content across multiple user channels and reaches your target audience in a significantly different way than traditional advertising does.

    Content is integrated into (consenting) content sites and presented to readers at the end of an article as a suggestion for further reading. Want to learn more? You know who to call.

    What do publications look like in Tabula and Outbrain?

    At the bottom of an article on a popular content site, you'll see a link to more information that is connected to the domain of the original article. For example, at the bottom of an article about the dangers of driving in the winter, you might find a link to an article promoting a particular manufacturer’s tires.

    Because the nature of online reading involves scrolling down, Tabula and Outbrain's advertising appears at the bottom of articles, allowing surfers to continue browsing and reading content that is seemingly objective and advertising-free.

    What is GDN?

    Google Display Network, Google's partner network, is a huge collection of sites all over the world that display ads promoted through search terms.

    Advertising through Google’s network allows you to reach target audiences worldwide, with the correct settings. Want to know how to set up your campaign correctly?

    How do I advertise on YouTube?

    Want to go viral? Google allows you to set up a video campaign on YouTube or the YouTube Partner Network as part of Adwords advertising tools.

    After selecting your target audience, platforms, countries, channels, budget, etc., send your video to the network space, and optimize the campaign throughout.

    Why publish videos?

    Video is a powerful tool that enables brands to increase awareness of their existence, reveal new products and details, and tell a story.

    The ever-evolving video capabilities of the network allow you to create videos previously exclusive to multi-budget brands, and to distribute them efficiently using segmentation tools, personalization, measurement, and optimization.

    Skillfully created and edited video will connect with potential customers and drive them to action. Plus, it's a lot of fun!

    Can I advertise on LinkedIn?

    Of course! Since its inception in 2002, LinkedIn has transformed into a business and network that promotes content to a segmented business audience.

    In addition, it reaches customers through banners, texts, and articles embedded within the feed. Target audiences can be segmented by profession, occupation, age, gender and many other parameters.

    LinkedIn advertising is especially relevant for businesses that operate in the business (B2B) field, or that work in overseas markets.

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