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Social Media Marketing: 10 Content Optimization Tips for Every Social Media Platform

In recent years, we’ve seen a lot of businesses buying online real estate; every business owner that has this knowledge has taken their business online. Almost everyone is online these days, and so are your customers too. If you want them, you’d have to go where they are.

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But the same idea that has just occurred to you has also occurred to the competition, maybe even earlier than it did to you.

So, how do you optimize content to get ahead of the competition?

This article breaks down the importance of content optimization and gives you 10 content optimization tips that work on all your social media platforms. But first, let’s talk about content and why it’s important to optimize it.

What Is Content Optimization?

Content optimization means ensuring your content is put together in a way that makes it more visible on the web to enable it to reach a wider audience.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is another term for content optimization. Search engine robots rank optimized content higher than non-optimized content.

10 Tips for Content Optimization

Content optimization sounds like something social media professionals do to make their pages rank high, but you shouldn’t have to worry; even as a newbie or non-experienced social media marketer, you can get your blog ranked high with these tips:

Write Great Content

While creating great content isn’t the only piece of the puzzle, it is a big piece. Content optimization starts with creating great content.

Be Consistent With Great Content.

Getting organic traffic, rankings, and search visibility take a lot of work, but you can achieve this by consistently putting out great content. If you want a high rate of search visibility, you have to commit to not just creating optimized content but doing it constantly.

Optimize Title Tags

A title tag tells search engines the title of your website; it is also what gets displayed as the clickable headline on search results that take users to your web page.

According to Moz, titles should be 50–60 characters long and written in the format: primary keyword–secondary keyword–brand name.

You can check your title tags using the Google SERP Preview Tool.

Optimize The Headers

Header tags tell your website how to display your content. An h1 tag is the most critical header and tells your website that this is your webpage’s heading. Search engines use the h1 tag to understand what your web page is about.

H1 tag explanation infographic

Source: Reliablesoft.net

Optimize The Text

Your text content should contain your keywords in the most natural way, especially right from the first paragraph. Find ways to incorporate your keywords naturally without spamming the content.

Optimize Images

Include images that are relevant to your content.

The most important aspect of this is to use the “alt” attribute in your image tag to add alternative text for screen readers and search bots.

Optimize the alternative text content to include keywords from the topic.

Optimize Text Format For Easy Readability

Online readers have short attention spans; you have to make them want to stay on your page. Incredibly long sentences and bulky paragraphs are a no-go area.

Break down your core content into small chunks of 1-2 paragraphs for easy readability.

Stop Writing For Search Engines

As much as you want your content to be ranked highly by search engines, you have to resist the temptation to write for search engines.

Spamming your content with keywords in the hopes of getting search bots to notice you will backfire. Focus on writing for your audience instead; put out great quality content, follow the rules of content optimization, and your efforts will be rewarded.

Keyword Research

Keyword research ensures that your content can be found through search engines. Always use a proven keyword search tool, avoid competitive keywords, and finally, make sure your keywords match your topic.


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