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Any time you introduce a product to the market, you should do research. Learn what competitors are doing: who their customers are, what SEO company they work with, their goals, and why they do what they do. Use this to decide what to display on your site and where.

If it seems complicated, don’t worry. You are not alone! We will ask the questions and find the answers - so you don’t have to. After all, you have a business to manage.



Although the term "website building" might have you picturing several lines of code, intricate designs, and clever text, there is much more to it. Behind every successful site there is an entire theory and philosophy about how to build it in the best way possible, so that Google can scan and place it at the top of the search results.

We will place your site at the top by adding the right content in the right places, creating an effective and enjoyable user experience, and motivating site visitors to act.

Organic Promotion

Organic Promotion

Organic promotion is a whole different ball game. It is a complex and advanced domain with rigid technologies and rules that require heaps of knowledge and experience.

Tactics such as using certain key phrases and promoting through external sites are essential to putting your site among the top 10 results on Google. This should be your goal, and once we work together you will see that this is our goal too.



Words can do wonders. First, we start by picking a few keywords that describe your site. These keywords are the site's foundation, and then we build content centered upon them.

For example, let’s say you sell dress-up costumes in Tel Aviv. First, we would start with keywords like “costumes in Tel Aviv” or “Purim costume”. Once we establish those, then we build all the content for your site around those keywords.



On the Internet, content is king.

Whether marketing or news, informative or personal, social or professional, written or photographed, we are constantly surrounded by content.

While this has turned us into compulsive consumers and producers of content (even uploading a post on Facebook is considered producing content), it enables us to promote sites very effectively.



Some say that if your site is not in the Google index, it does not exist. And they're right. If Google does not index your site, it cannot extract the content within it - and that's what the users are looking for.

Imagine your site is a book in the world's largest library, but someone forgot to put it in the search index. What are the chances of someone actually finding it? Likewise, it is vital that Google indexes your site the right way.

Don’t know how to do it? Talk to us, we are always happy to help.

External Links

External Links

Why do you need external links? Links to your site that come from authoritative and high-quality sites increase your site’s ranking in the search engines.

How do you create external links? Consult with an SEO company and share your content with as many relevant, quality sites with similar content as possible.

Social Networking

Social Networking

Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat and others are great platforms for promoting organic or sponsored traffic and for directing general traffic to your site. Have a website you want to promote? Post ads, texts, pictures, videos, etc. Any link, comment, or "like" can boost your site.

Once you create business pages in networks that suit you, then the fun starts. Tell your business's story through pictures, texts, videos, questionnaires, and surveys catered toward a careful choice of target audiences, then monitor and analyze the responses.

Sponsored Promotion

Sponsored Promotion

Promote your site with ads based on search terms, target audiences, geographic areas, budget, and other parameters.

Appearing in the right places at the right times and in front of the right audience requires professional management. The combination of in-depth knowledge and rich experience will yield results for optimal cost. We would be happy to help.

The facts speak for themselves


Traffic-producing areas:




73.41% of traffic comes from search engines, and the percentage of their abandonment is especially low, only 0.08%. Another significant advantage for organic promotion. Crazy, right?

Real Estate

Real Estate

58.17% of traffic comes from search engines. And we’re talking about 14,523 users, no less. It doesn’t take a financial genius to understand the benefit of advertising by organic promotion.




73.36% of traffic comes from search engines. A total of 10,373 surfers are, if you ask us, a particularly healthy figure.

years of experience

6 years of experience

high quality links

2880 high quality links

sites on the first page

130 sites on the first page

promoted phrases

2600 promoted phrases


What is SEO?

SEO is an Internet marketing term that includes everything related to sponsored and organic promotion. Both means make sites stand out from competitors on search engines and the Internet.

Before you start promoting your site, research. Learn about competitors, target audiences, and ways to reach potential customers. Then, create a strategic plan that combines sponsored and organic promotion in a way that reaches your target audience from every possible direction.

What is organic promotion?

Organic promotion aims to bring the site to the top of the organic search results through investment of resources in the content, the build of the site, the creation of external and internal links, and more.

Organic SEO requires knowledge, experience, and familiarity with Google updates. The biggest advantage of organic SEO is its low price, compared with sponsored promotion.

What is sponsored promotion?

Sponsored promotion attracts traffic to a site through ads displayed on search engines and sites where their target audiences are located.
A variety of tools developed in the past few years make it easier to reach target audiences through banners, content articles, videos, pop ups, landing pages, and a strategic plan that makes use of various platforms.

How do I promote my site correctly?

Effective promotion starts with thorough market research.

After drawing conclusions from the research, we will create a comprehensive strategic plan for your site and present a marketing mix that will reach the target audience and motivate them to act.

Right now, we cannot know how to promote your site. But, after meeting you, it will be much easier to shape the ideal program for you. Sound like a deal?

What is remarketing?

Have you ever surfed an airline site like, once, and the next thing you know, you are seeing ads tempting you to get new luggage, drink a beer in Munich, or surf in Sri Lanka? Feels like someone is spying, right? Actually, this is rearketing, a smart method of "tracking" customers who visited a site without taking action, or leaving details to bring them back. Integrating ReMarketing into your marketing mix can significantly improve results, if you do it right. How do you do it right? Contact us and we'll talk.

Should I use social networking?

Short answer: yes, definitely!

Long answer: social networks are a great tool to promote your business. Facebook Instagram, Pinterest LinkedIn, etc., provide a large and varied stream of web surfers. The existing information enables them to analyze target audiences accurately and offer them the right products, at the right place and time. These are just some of the features that make them highly effective advertising and marketing tools.

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