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Marketing Automation Software: The Top 10 Marketing Automation Tools for Your Company

Today, most firms employ marketing automation tools for their company’s growth. Softwares for marketing automation are made to collect and use marketing data to improve the efficacy and efficiency of your marketing campaigns. They come in different varieties, so it all depends on which one you pick based on your technical knowledge, financial constraints, and business needs.

There are many uses for using marketing automation tools. For example, managing campaigns, sending emails, analyzing websites, managing social media campaigns, and other repetitive chores that are all done automatically by marketing software instead of by hand. However, these duties have significantly decreased due to marketing automation, which helps the organization expand.

We’ll go over the top 10 marketing automation tools in this article so you may utilize them at work to grow your business.

1.     SeoSamba: This software helps with website development, management, and optimization services for small businesses, online retailers, and large corporations. It offers a customer relationship management system, an open-source CMS, and a shopping cart in addition to its comprehensive marketing automation tools.


2.     iContact: it is user-friendly software with simplified marketing features. iContact specializes in HTML-free email marketing. You can quickly generate emails for sales marketing by dragging and dropping suitable material into the built-in editor.

3.     Hubspot: it is known as one of the best marketing automation programs available and benefits both your company and consumers. It has a complete suite of CRM, sales, marketing, and customer support software. You can use this software to manage lead generation, analytics, reporting, product management, meeting calendars, and customer feedback.

4.     ManyChat: Email is only one component of marketing automation. Consider automating some of the most routine interactions you have with consumers on other platforms. On Facebook Messenger, Instagram Direct Messages, WhatsApp, and SMS, ManyChat performs as a chatbot and can do precisely that.

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5.  Omnisend: is a platform to drive more revenue without adding to your workload. It is designed specifically for e-commerce and offers email and SMS marketing automation. With pre-built templates designed with online retailers in mind, powerful automation workflows are available so you can get started immediately.

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6.   EngageBay: For the growth of your small enterprises and startups, EngageBay is a straightforward, inexpensive, comprehensive, all-in-one platform for marketing, sales, and service automation that also includes a free CRM.

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7.  System.io: This is good for growing your business in the fiercely competitive internet market. Systeme.io makes it simple to create sales funnels, manage memberships, manage webinars and affiliate campaigns, sell things, and send automated emails as it is all-in-one software.

8.    ActiveDEMAND: it is beneficial to digital marketing companies and marketers. One of its packages is a full-featured call tracking tool for small business marketers. The robust Marketing Agency Portal is for digital marketing firms with many client administration requirements.

9.   SALESmanago: This platform offers and addresses all the major issues you can face in your company, including managing the entire customer lifecycle and maximizing revenue and conversion from both inbound and outbound marketing efforts.

10.  Keap: This program is specially made for small businesses that are short on resources yet still want to provide excellent customer service. You can consolidate data and compile client information with Keap Max Classic.


Running a business requires constantly thinking about how you will grow it in the future, and enhancing marketing tactics is necessary for expanding your business. As a result, using marketing automation software is a good move toward a successful business.

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ConvertiX is a digital advertising company that provides its customers with professional solutions. We are experts on all things in the realm of digital marketing and produce results that will make your investment worthwhile.

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