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How to Investigate Your Competitors’ Facebook and Instagram Ad Campaigns

Social media is an important aspect of business marketing that must not be overlooked. Most businesses and companies now make use of social media to advertise their products and services, research customers’ wants, and also reach out to other potential customers for sales purposes. 

If you, as a business owner, are searching for an effective means to make good business sales and expand your awareness, Making use of social media is a must. However, before you begin posting your adverts on different social media channels like Facebook and Instagram, it is important to check out the ad campaigns put up by your competitors in the market. 

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This guide is here to help you find effective ways to investigate your competitors’ Facebook and Instagram ads and how to leverage them. You will also learn how to pay attention to the tools that are useful in getting information and benefit from checking your competitors out. Let’s get started.

How to find your competitors’ Ad Campaigns on Facebook and Instagram

Facebook: Here are some of how you can easily investigate your competitors’ Facebook Ad Campaigns: 

Check out the Facebook ad library

The Facebook ad library is a tool that allows you to see all the necessary information about your competitors’ pages. Some of the information you can get includes the demographics used by the business, the type of ads, and the amount of money spent on creating the ad campaigns. You can find this Facebook ad library by searching through your competitors’ Facebook pages in the page transparency section.

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Follow their Facebook page

Another easy way to find out what your competitor is up to is by following their Facebook page. In this way, you can see all the ads created and how they are designed. However, with this method, you might not be able to view the ad campaigns created for other regions that are out of your reach. 

Make use of demographic insights

By making use of the demographic insights, you can get into the operations of your competitor page. You can get useful information about the customers of your competitors and how they make use of their ad campaigns to reach their target audience. 

For Instagram

To find your competitor’s Instagram ads, you can also make use of the following steps: 

Search for your competitors’ Instagram pages and click on the icon that shows more options.

Go on to click on the “About” section of the Instagram account. This is where you get to view the active ads for that account. 

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You will be directed to the Facebook Ad Library, where you can filter the current ads running by the platform.

There you have it: full access to your competitors’ Instagram ad campaigns.

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Reasons to investigate your competitors’ Facebook and Instagram ad campaign

It is useful to get across to the right audience. You will learn the strategies and tools used to reach your target audience.

Getting first-hand knowledge of how your competitors create their ads would save you time and money when you want to create yours. 

Research is done quickly as you already know the right steps to take and how to get through to your target customers.

You will be able to find out which ad tools work best for your own business, and this goes a long way to limit the resources spent.


We hope this article has made it easy for you to investigate your competitors’ Facebook and Instagram ads while making use of the Facebook ad library. Take your time to explore your competitors’ pages to review their ads and, in turn, create your improved ad campaigns.

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