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How Artificial Intelligence is Transforming Digital Marketing

In the recent past, the thought of using technology to support human work and growth seemed impossible until the advent of artificial intelligence (AI). Now, this technology is incorporated into nearly all aspects of human life, like medicine, sports, the arts, and even marketing and sales. 

The use of AI as a digital marketing strategy is becoming more advanced. It is being used by many big and small businesses and companies to meet their target customers and surpass their competitors. In this article, we are discussing the influence and benefits of artificial intelligence in digital marketing. First, let’s understand what artificial intelligence is all about.

Business Intelligence in Digital Marketing

What is Artificial Intelligence?

When simply defined, artificial intelligence is the use of technology algorithms and platforms in data collection, studying market trends, analysis, and decision making. AI uses an advanced technological tool and speed to gain market insights while also passing the right information to the right clients and channels.

The Benefits of Artificial Intelligence

There are many benefits associated with using AI technology in business, medicine, fashion, and so on. Let’s see a few of these benefits.

Improved customer service

By identifying the customer’s needs, AI can assist businesses in improving their customer service and experience. The use of chatbots is one way AI can use its influence to predict and attend to customers’ requests while ensuring a good customer experience.

It boosts business efficiency

With good marketing strategies and resources, AI can improve business efficiency. In that way, AI can map out the business methods that are useful for customers and, in that way, improve their experience. Also, no matter where the business team members are located, AI is used as a central base to bring them together to function properly for the growth of the business.

AI gives you an edge

Understanding customer behavior and handling their needs in the right way is the dream of many business owners. Using AI would eliminate errors and delays in your business processes, which would give you an edge over other competitors. By providing you with solutions on how to handle business processes, AI guarantees you greater insights into business management.

The Risks of Artificial Intelligence

Some of the risks associated with artificial intelligence are:

AI takes away human functionality 

With the increase in the use of AI in almost every sector, the usefulness of humans is gradually declining. This is because machines and digital tools can easily access and run all of the functions of a task if programmed to do so; thus, the less input or need for a human resource. More people are being laid off due to machines taking over their jobs.

Human limitations do not bind AI technology

Where humans are limited due to the need to show compassion or empathy, AI technology does not emulate this. The use of AI eliminates human error and goes past the thoughts or feelings needed in handling humans. Even though AI technology can function with little or no assistance from humans, it cannot completely replicate the human touch.

Programmed AI can be destructive

Since AI uses automated responses, which just need to be programmed, it can then be utilized by any person, which could lead to casualties if wrongly done. If AI can also be used in weapons and arms, and if it gets into the wrong hands, that could lead to mass destruction. 

The Effects of Artificial Intelligence on Digital Marketing

In the digital marketing space, the use of AI is centered on creating marketing campaigns while completely removing the risks associated with the processes and actions of humans. Here are some of the effects of Al in marketing.

Content generation

AI is used in content generation, which in turn is sent to the right clients and channels. While making use of data, AI can generate and automatically promote market leads. In this way, there would be little or no need for human involvement in content creation in digital marketing.

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Digital Advertising

These days, it is almost impossible to create a digital advertisement without the input of AI technology. This has greatly influenced the way businesses now conduct their advertising, as they can access the right clients through AI automation. Coupled with creative ideas, businesses still need to get to their target customers with effective advertisements, which can only be made possible with the introduction of AI. Although creative ideas are still top of the list in marketing, they need more to be effective.


Chatbots and AI technology work together, and their use has improved over the years. There are now readily available answers that are less robotic than they were known to be in the past. Businesses use Chatbots to ensure a swift response is given to customers even when a real person is not available. Smart chatbots use data and experience to generate real-time answers, many of which are satisfactory to the customers, and there is no further need to speak with a real person. These chatbots continue to improve their processes to allow the seamless flow of information.


With its continuous improvement, Artificial Intelligence is taking the world of digital marketing to another level. Soon, the use of AI will probably be implemented in all other sectors and aspects of human life. Therefore, if AI has not been incorporated into your business, it is time to do that. 

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