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Conversion Rate Optimization
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Improve Results

Improve Results

The domain of Improving Conversion Rates utilizes a variety of tactics aimed at increasing the percentage of visitors converting on the site.

What is a conversion? It could be the purchase of a product/service, an app download, a newsletter subscription, or any other action that can be performed through your site. The goal is to identify and remove obstacles that surfers face in converting, and to strengthen elements that support conversion. If you feel that visitors on your site are not doing enough, contact us.

Web Analytics

Web Analytics

How do visitors reach your site? Where are they headed? Are they on a computer, tablet, or smartphone? How long do they stay? Which pages are most viewed? Have you reached your goals? Answering questions like these will help you understand your site visitors and their user experience, and allow you to make changes that will improve conversion rates.

There are dozens of analytic tools that let you monitor the traffic on your site: Google Analytics, Seevolution, Hotjar, Crazyegg, ClickTale Heat map, Click map, Scroll map, etc. Feel free to check them out yourself, but remember that we are quite experienced with these tools and their benefits. Just say the word, and we will start analyzing your site.



Conversion Rate Optimization is how you regularly review the purchasing processes and operations of your site. For example, if you sell a product or service, use forms or landing pages to collect customer details. You should always be monitoring these processes.

Which fields are required and which are optional? Are the colors of the selection buttons effective? Is the process easy for surfers? Can they purchase something without signing up? What about Chatbots? When in the right hands, analytic tools can provide you with a deep understanding of the purchasing processes and operations on your site, so that you can constantly improve.

analytic tools

13 analytic tools


36072 leads

average conversion improvement

60% average conversion improvement

return on investment

36072 return on investment


What is a conversion?

Conversions are every action we want surfers to do on the site: open, click, fill out a form, read, register, enter credit card details, etc.

To improve the chances of conversion, we measure and monitor surfer behavior. The data collected helps us determine at which stages we should push them to perform the desired conversion.

We would love to meet and tell you about some of the ways you can do it.

What is an improvement in conversion ratios?

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) seeks to maximize the potential for websites to turn visitors into regular customers. This domain has existed since the early days of the internet and has gained significant momentum alongside the development of eCommerce. As you read this sentence, it continues to improve.

How do I measure conversion ratios?

Conversion ratios can be measured using various tools available on the network.

Google Analytics tracks visitors and provides demographic, behavioral, and technical data about them, such as the devices and browsers they connect to, and more.

Tools like Lucky Orange use a heat map to record surfer behavior in real time. These tools offer you a snapshot of your visitors’ behavior on the site.

Managing or promoting a website without these tools is like driving with your eyes closed. Without monitoring your visitors’ behavior with these tools, you are simply wasting your time.

How do I calculate conversion ratios?

Relative conversion can be calculated using ROI - Return on investment.
Let's say you want to spend ₪1,000 a month advertising a product that costs ₪100. If you recruit 10 new customers through advertising, your conversion rate is 10/1000, i.e. 1%.

If you have managed to recruit more customers without having to increase your investment, you have improved the conversion ratio and have made a profit.

How do I improve conversion rates?

First, determine which action matters to you -- what do you want surfers to do? Then, figure out the best method for getting them to do it.

For this to happen, ask yourself these questions:
• What are the indicators of success?
• Is the path clear and effective from the user perspective?
• What do you think is micro-conversion and macro-conversion?

Regularly tracking the data enables you to refine the path to conversion and put the site on track for success.

What are leads?

Leads are the information and/or details about potential customers that will help you turn them into paying customers.

Leads are mainly collected by e-mail addresses and/or calls made by interested customers that allow salespeople to handle them and maybe propose unique offers that will convince them to become paying customers.

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