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4 Pro tips to design a successful Facebook Campaign

On Facebook, there is constant competition for the attention of users, and running a successful ad campaign can be extremely challenging. So, we’ve compiled some tips on how to appeal to audience and drive sales.

#1 Create Buyer Personas

Any business has an array of customers that they want to appeal to. Each has different needs, goals, and interests. If you want to engage them, you need to understand them.

For each potential customer type, create a fictional persona in which you determine things like who they are and what problem they could solve by using your product.
Directing ads toward these personas will not only improve your ad designs and drive sales, but also it will allow you to serve your customers better in general.

#2 Use Faces in Ads

People love faces. Studies have shown that specific groups of cells in the brain fire specifically in response to seeing a face. Humans have a tendency towards pareidolia, which is looking for faces in everyday objects. Mascots on cereal boxes beckon us to buy their product with their friendly, smiling faces. The inclusion of a face, whether human, cartoon, or abstract, humanizes the product, and encourages customers to get “attached” to the product or brand as a result.

#3 Location Specific Content

On Facebook, you can run several campaigns at once that target different geographic regions. However, if you try to appeal to all of them in the same way, you will not be successful. So, altering ads to include location specific imagery/content is extremely useful in a successful campaign.

The more specific, the better! Capitalize on a region’s recognizable landscape, culture, and people in a way that they can relate to and understand. A generic ad that could be shown anywhere does not have nearly the same effect as a personal, targeted ad.

#4 Testimonials

When people contemplate making a purchase, the emotion that  largely overrides the decision is fear. People hesitate to buy because of the fear of losing money or making the wrong choice. They need to be insured that their investment is worth their while.

One way to achieve this is to have a testimonial ad, preferably from a big name. When someone important endorses your product it immediately assures the customer of your credibility. Even if you cannot get a testimonial from a VIP, when satisfied customers have something positive to say about your product, it is quite valuable.

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ConvertiX is a digital advertising company that provides its customers with professional solutions. We are experts on all things in the realm of digital marketing and produce results that will make your investment worthwhile.

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